Based in Tokyo, Japan, this is the blog of alex aniel (cvxfreak). His posts discuss the resident evil video game series through interviews, podcasts and articles translated from japanese to english.

A travel blog aimed at video gamers?

A travel blog aimed at video gamers?

A travel blog aimed at video gamers? How’s that supposed to work?

Those who follow me on Twitter or Instagram, or are connected to me on Facebook have probably noticed that I travel very often for business and pleasure, and that travel has actually supplanted gaming as my biggest passion. I’m based in Tokyo, but have traveled outside of Japan at least once every single month since October 2013. As of May 2016, that is 32 consecutive months of international travel. So far, I’ve been to 43 countries, and am aiming for 50 by the time I turn 30 in June 2017.

Still, it’s impossible to travel abroad every day (too bad!), so when I’m grounded, gaming is one way I love to spend my time. While I don’t play games as often as I did when I was young, from time to time a must-have title hits, keeping my interest in games and the gaming industry firmly entrenched in me. Of course, any Resident Evil game that hits is an automatic must play that will consume my time for at least a few days.

So what happens when gaming and travel come together in the form of a blog?

Rather than focus on writing game or airline reviews, or recommended travel/gaming lists, my goal for this mishmash blog is to discuss gaming within a travel context, or travel within a gaming context. What do I mean by that? Here are some possibilities for discussion:

  • The role of handhelds, smartphones and laptops in a traveler’s lifestyle
  • How to game while away from home
  • The game market in countries outside of the gaming mainstream territories of North America, Japan, Europe and Australia/New Zealand
  • Quirky gaming-related things to do while traveling (like playing a Wii U on an airplane)
  • Accessory reviews that facilitate gaming while traveling (cases, routers, etc.)
  • Traveling for a job related to the games industry (like visiting GDC or TGS)
  • Gaming options available on airline in-flight entertainment
  • Travel destinations featured in games, or destinations inspired environments in games
  • What else?

There are tons of different topics to talk about, and I certainly hope that gamers, travelers, traveling gamers and gaming travelers find some value through this new experiment of mine. Of course, I will also talk in reasonable depth about the actual games I play, airlines I ride and destinations I visit. It wouldn’t be an authentic travel blog or gaming blog without that!

For the foreseeable future, I see myself being the sole blogger here, but I will definitely appreciate reader input, and certain reader comments and feedback may even be integrated into future posts! Therefore, I encourage all readers to comment on any posts made here, positive or negative, with your own experiences and opinions! 

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